Global Commodity Chains and Labor Relations
Hrsg. von Andrea Komlosy und Goran Music
Leiden: Brill 2021
392 S., 978-90-04-44803-2 (Paperback)

This volume is published in collaboration with the International Conference of Labour and Social History (ITH) and arose out of the 52nd International Conference of Labour and Social History (ITH) which took place in Steyr, Austria on 15–17 September 2016.

Due to the increasing linkage of global production sites, the concept of commodity chains has become indispensable for the investigation of production at a global scale. Although work is the basis of production in every involved location, it is often being neglected as a research subject without taking interest in the workers, the work processes and the working conditions. This edited volume provides a collection of historical and contemporary commodity chain studies by placing labor at the centre of analysis. A global historical perspective demonstrates that splitting production processes to different, hierarchically connected locations are by no means new phenomena. The book is thus an important and valuable contribution to commodity chain research, but also to the fields of social-economic and global labour history. 

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