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News Archive 2008

44th Linz conference
1968 — A view of the protest movements 40 years after, from a global perspective
11-14 September 2008

Herbert Steiner Prize 2008 awarded to John Evers, Elissa Mailänder Koslov, Claudia Andrea Spring, Ružica Grgic and Peter Stadlbauer

2008 international Labour History conference
Labour Crossings: World, Work and History
5-8 September 2008, Johannesburg, South Africa

Publication of the papers of ITH's conferences 2007
Transnational Networks in the 20th Century
Edited by Berthold Unfried, Jürgen Mittag and Marcel van der Linden
ITH members get a free copy on request - please order by e-mail !

Labfem 2: International Conference
Labouring Feminism and Feminist Working-Class History in Europe and Beyond
28-31 August 2008, Stockholm

ITH-Newsletter vol. 44/3 - Download
issued 25 August 2008

René Kuczynski Prize 2008 awarded to the german historian Jan Peters

Submit to Herbert Steiner Prize 2008
For works on the research fields Nazi Persecution/Anti-fascist Resistance/Exile and Labour History
Deadline: 31 May 2008

ITH-Newsletter vol. 44/2 - Download
issued 23 May 2008

Call for Papers
Labour Crossings: World, Work and History
2008 international Labour History conference, 5-8 September, Johannesburg, South Africa