Membership Campaign

ITH Membership Campaign

Research on the history of labour, labourers and labour movements and other social movements is taking place in many different contexts and is conducted by numerous individual researchers. Today, we observe a beginning revitalisation of larger and smaller institutions engaging in labour history.

The ITH has been serving for decades as an institutional platform facilitating exchange and collaboration between labour historians around the world. With membership to the ITH, researchers and activists can send a strong signal for the importance and the global institutionalisation of the research field. The ITH will only be able to continue to fulfil its role as a solid and independent global institutional platform for the history of labour, and to develop important new activities, if we succeed in broadening the membership and include all those interested in the development of labor history as a field of research.

Therefore, we conduct a membership campaign to

– facilitate that as many researchers and activists on a global level as possible send a signal for the importance and the institutionalisation of research on the history of labour;
– ensure that the ITH can reliably play its role as co-organiser and institutional platform for the European Labour History Network (ELHN) founded in 2013 and the Global Labour History Network (GLHN) founded in 2015;
– safeguard the long-standing financial stability and autonomy of the ITH.

We would like to invite you to become an ITH member – either as an individual or by advocating ITH membership of your institution.

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