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René Kuczynski Prize 2010 awarded to Silke Fengler
for her book:

Entwickelt und fixiert. Zur Unternehmens- und Technikgeschichte der deutschen Fotoindustrie, dargestellt am Beispiel der Agfa AG Leverkusen und des VEB Filmfabrik Wolfen (1945-1995), Essen: Klartext 2009
(= Bochumer Schriften zur Unternehmens- und Industriegeschichte, vol. 18)
311 pp., ISBN 978-3-8375-0012-7

awarding ceremony took place in connection with the opening of ITH's 46th Linz Conference on 9 September 2010 at Jägermayrhof in Linz, Austria.

Award presentation by Jörg Roesler, representative of the jury (in German)
Lecture of the prize winner (in German)

Dr. Silke Fengler
was born in 1971 in Munich, Germany. She is currently a post-doc researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Contemporary History, University of Vienna. She double majored in history/political sciences and economics at the Universities of Munich and Cologne. Graduation in economics (2001) and history (2002) at the University of Cologne.
She has been a research assistant at the Departments of Social and Economic History, Universities of Cologne and Bonn. While working as assistant lecturer at the Chair for the History of Technology, RWTH Aachen, she completed her Ph.D. thesis on a comparative history of the East and West German photo factories Agfa-Gevaert AG and VEB Filmfabrik Wolfen (2007).
Her main research interests lie in the field of German economic and business history, historiography and the iconic turn, and the history of atomic/nuclear physics in the 20th century.

Prof. Gerhard Botz (Institute for Contemporary History, Vienna University)
Prof. Josef Ehmer (Institute for Economic and Social History, Vienna University)
Prof. Rüdiger Hachtmann (Berlin)
Prof. Jörg Roesler (Berlin)
Prof. Claudia Ulbrich (Friedrich Meinecke Institute, Dept. of History and Cultural Studies, FU Berlin)
Ass. Prof. Berthold Unfried (ITH & Institute for Economic and Social History, Vienna

The René Kuczynski Prize
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