The Memory of Labour and Social Movements: A Global Perspective
Edited by Jürgen Mittag and Berthold Unfried (with assistance of Eva Himmelstoss)
ITH Conference Proceedings, vol. 45
Leipzig: Akademische Verlagsanstalt 2011
280 pages, ISBN 978-3-931982-73-7

In the extensive debates on the concept of “collective memory” in the last two decades, the role of labour movements remained largely disregarded so far. The contributions of this collection analyze the role of labour organizations and social movements in “collective memory” defined as the repertoire of specific re-presentations of the past in public. Why are in Europe catastrophes, wars and genocides key issues of official “memory” in this sense while social movements, the promotion of welfare states by labour movements and the formation of relatively homogenous societies do not get comparable attention? The focus of the contributions to this volume is set on the “memory” of labour and social movements in a global perspective beyond Europe. A second angle turns the attention on strategies of politics of memory developed by these movements.



Arbeiterbewegungen als Akteure und als Objekte kollektiver Erinnerungsprozesse in globaler Perspektive
Jürgen Mittag/Berthold Unfried

Traces of Labour in European and Western Memory

European Memories: Entangled Perspectives
Enzo Traverso

Arbeiterbewegungen in der europäischen Erinnerung des 20. Jahrhunderts: Ein Aufriss
Jürgen Kocka

Die Historiografie der europäischen Arbeiterbewegung: Von der Erinnerungskultur zur Erinnerung an eine Zukunft?
Mario Keßler

The Changing Memories of World War II and the Resistance in Italy and France: A Comparative View
Bruno Groppo/Filippo Focardi

Die deutsche Sozialdemokratie in den geschichtspolitischen Auseinandersetzungen der 1970er und 80er Jahre
Bernd Faulenbach

Österreichische Geschichtspolitik in den 1970er und 1980er Jahren: Historiografische Anmerkungen und persönliche Beobachtungen
Helmut Konrad

‘Socialism is … the desire to be mates’: ‘Mateship’ and the Cultural Politics of the fin de siècle Australian Labour Movement
Nick Dyrenfurth

Labour and Social Movements in Asia and Latin America

The Memory of Labour Overshadowed: Latin America’s Labour Movements
Gerardo Leibner

The South Korean Labour Movement and the Memory of Chun Tae-Il: Resistance Memory or Public Memory?
Hyun Back Chung

Collective Memory, Labour and Nationhood: The Public and the Private in Remembering the Indonesian Past
Ratna Saptari

Memorial Strategies of Social Movements

Antikoloniale Geschichtspolitik: Theoretische Standortbestimmung einer globalgeschichtlichen Forschungsfrage
Berthold Molden

Historico-political Strategies of Scandinavian Feminist Movements: Prelimiary Perspectives of a Research Project
Ulla Manns

The Memory of “Solidarnosc”: A View on Poland’s Largest Trade Union 30 Years after its Birth
Tomasz Kozlowski


„The Memory of Labour – Arbeiterbewegungen in globalen Erinnerungsprozessen“: Eine Tagungsbilanz
Jens Kroh

Notes on Contributors