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The ITH engages in scientific cooperations, and organizes and participates in events, also between the annual "Linz Conferences".

Book presentation and discussion
"Deutsche Arbeit" - Kritische Perspektiven auf ein ideologisches Selbstbild
15 May 2019, Vienna
Programme (in German)

International Conference
New Perspectives in Feminist Labour History: Work and Activism
17-18 January 2019, Bologna

First World War - Labour Movement - Critical Historiography
Colloquium in Memory of a.o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hans Hautmann (1943-2018)
24 November 2018, Vienna
Programme (in German)

Workers beyond Socialist Glorification and Post-Socialist Disavowal: New Perspectives on Eastern European Labour History
24-27 May 2018, Vienna
Call for Papers
Conference Programme

XII International Conference on Labour History
26-28 March 2018, Noida/India
Call for Papers

2nd ELHN Conference
2-4 November 2017, Paris
Conference Website

Workshop: Labour Movement, Unequal Development and Migration in Europe
27 October 2017, Berlin
Programme (in German)
(in German)

Ceremonial Unveiling of a Monument for 12 February 1934 (in German)
26. April 2017, Wien

1st GLHN Conference
2-4 March 2017, Noida/India

1st ELHN Conference
14-16 December 2015, Turin/Italy

Event & Workshop: Why (Critical) Trade Union Research? (in German)
Vienna, 27 - 29 November 2014

50th Anniversary of the International Conference of Labour and Social History (ITH)
22 April 2014, Vienna

Book Presentation and Panel Discussion
Labour History Beyond Borders: Concepts and Explorations
26 May 2011, Vienna

Book Presentation and Panel Discussion
1968 — A view of the protest movements 40 years after, from a global perspective
30 June 2010, Vienna

Conference of the Organization of American Historians (OAH)
Seattle, 26-28 March 2009 - Short report by Bruno Groppo, who took part on behalf of the ITH

Book Presentation and Panel Discussion
Transnational Networks in the 20th Century
19 March 2009, Vienna

2008 international Labour History conference
Labour Crossings: World, Work and History
5-8 September 2008, Johannesburg, South Africa
ITH-Panel "New developments in Labour History" - Report

Labfem 2: International Conference
Labouring Feminism and Feminist Working-Class History in Europe and Beyond
28-31 August 2008, Stockholm

International Scientific Conference
Transnational Networks. Contributions to the History of 'Globalization'
16-18 November 2007, Vienna

3èmes Journées de travail sur l’Histoire Récente
Université Nationale de La Plata, Argentine
(26-28 octobre 2005
) – Report in French

Symposium in memoriam Felix Kreissler
"Das andere und künftige Österreich im neuen Europa"
University of Vienna (24-25 October 2005) – Report in German