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We mourn for

Narihiko Ito (1931-2017)
Helga Grebing (1930-2017)
Henryk Skrzypczak (1926-2017)
Karl A. Duffek (1962-2016)
Marta Vartíková (1928-2016)
Feliks Tych (1929-2015)
János Jemnitz
Klaus Tenfelde (1944-2011)
(in German)
Max Lotteraner (1928-2009)
Herbert Exenberger (1943-2009)
Susanne Miller (1915-2008)
(in German)
Masao Nishikawa (1933-2008)
(in German)
Anna Żarnowska (1931-2007)
Felix Kreissler (1917-2004)
(in German)
Asja Steiner (1916-2004)
(in German)
Hans-Josef Steinberg (1935-2003)
(in German)


Feliks Tych – on his 80th Birthday (2009)
Eric J.
Hobsbawm – on his 90th Birthday (2007)

Networking Labour Studies

"The Past is Before Us" – 9th Australian Labour History Conference (Sydney, June 30th – July 2nd, 2005):

Winfried R. Garscha: The ITH Experience, 1965–2005
Marcel van der Linden:Labour History: an International Movement