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Max Lotteraner (1928-2009)

On 29 June 2009 ITH honorary member Max Lotteraner died at the age of 82. He was one of the pivotal contacts of our organization in Upper Austria, where the ITH conferences have been held since 1965. It was his initiative to relocate the venue of the annual conferences from Vienna (where ITH had been founded in the year before) to the industrial town of Linz on the Danube – to the education centre of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour, called "Jägermayrhof".

Lotteraner’s most important activity for ITH was public relations, which he continued also after his retirement. He managed it that local media reported about the Linz conferences, and in addition to that he took care for the integration of results of ITH debates into the education of members of the unions and the Chamber of Labour.

Until 2008 Max Lotteraner regularly took part in the ITH conferences and used his manifold contacts to support the International Conference of Labour and Social History

Winfried Garscha