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Planning schedule for ITH conferences 2007 - 2009
Triennial cycle of conferences on "Labour History beyond Borders"
(updated September 2006)

In September 2006 the Executive Committee and the General Assembly have decided to launch in 2007 a 3 year's conference program on the subject of "Labour History beyond Borders". A series of conferences deals with aspects of labour as a part of global history, focussing on networks, flows of communication, transfers and migrations.
Conferences shall be organized to the following themes:

43rd Linz Conference
(September 13-16, 2007)
Transnational Networks of Labour
Coordinator: Berthold Unfried

Supplementary Conference in September 2008
Labour History in 'Emerging Countries'

44th Linz Conference (September 11-14, 2008)
1968 — A view of the protest movements 40 years after, from a global perspective
Coordinator: Marcel van der Linden

45th Linz Conference (September 10-13, 2009)
Towards a transnational Labour History? "Labour History beyond Borders" reviewed/The 'civilizing' function of the labour movement