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The Memory of Labour

46th Linz Conference: 9 - 12 September 2010
Coordinator: Juergen Mittag (Bochum)

Conference reports (in German)

Background and approaches
Publication of the conference papers
Abstracts of the contributions
Organisational details: registration, conference fee, information for speakers etc.
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The Linz Conferences are gatherings of the member institutes of the ITH. Participants pay only a – compared to similar conferences – modest fee (€ 130 with, € 80 without accommodation) for conference materials, simultaneous interpretation and meals. All other expenses — insofar as they cannot be covered by subsidies of the Austrian government and of Austrian labour institutions and by financial support of private sponsors — are borne by the member institutes. For that reason the delegating of participants is up to the member institutes of the ITH. Individual registration requires individual membership.

For further information please contact the ITH Secretariat.