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Publication of the papers of ITH's conference 2008:

1968 — A view of the protest movements 40 years after,
from a global perspective

Edited by Angelika Ebbinghaus, Max Henninger and Marcel van der Linden (with assistance of Berthold Unfried, Eva Himmelstoss and Feliks Tych)
ITH Conference Proceedings, vol. 43
Leipzig: Akademische Verlagsanstalt 2009
227 pages. ISBN 978-3-931982-63-8

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1968 – A view of the protest movements 40 years after, from a global perspective
The 43rd ITH conference put a focus on the movements of 1968 from a global perspective, emphasizing processes of transfer and exchange beyond borders. These social movements, which in some – in particular, non-European – countries took on the character of social revolts, were an international phenomenon. They were linked by networks, or followed the example of similar movements or sometimes were just contemporaneous, coincident, but united by a related spirit. Studies of five different cases – China, Latin America, Eastern Central Europe, Italy and Pakistan – reveal both shared characteristics and differences. Other contributions show how shared mental horizons, shaped by texts read all over the world, linked the movements of 1968 globally, as did practical networks such as those that developed from the movement to end the Vietnam war. What were the results, the long-term consequences and legacies of the worldwide revolts of the 1960s? This volume also tries to propose answers to these questions.



1. Introduction

1968 – Ein Blick auf die Protestbewegungen 40 Jahre danach aus globaler Perspektive
Angelika Ebbinghaus/Marcel van der Linden

2. 1968: Four Case Studies

China: Das Zentrum der (Welt)-Revolution? Die chinesische Kulturrevolution
und ihre internationale Ausstrahlung
Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik

Der "Prager Frühling" und die ungarische Gesellschaft. Reaktionen und transnationale Einflüsse jenseits der Parteieliten im ostmitteleuropäischen Kontext von 1968
Hannes Lachmann

When Political Subjectivity Takes Root. The Case of Porto Marghera (Venice, Italy)
Devi Sacchetto

Global Connections of 1968: Students of Pakistan and the World
Samantha Christiansen

3. Practical and Intellectual Networks

"To American Soldiers in Europe". GI-Agitation und US-amerikanische Deserteure in Europa während des Vietnamkriegs
Paul Benedikt Glatz

Neue Linke und Arbeiterselbstverwaltung in Jugoslawien
Boris Kanzleiter

The Cuban Cycle, Non-Synchronicity and Transnational Contexts – 1968 from and within Latin America
David Mayer

4. After-Effects, Consequences and Legacies

Die neuen Frauenbewegungen und 1968. Thematisierungen und Transformationen im internationalen Vergleich (Bundesrepublik Deutschland und Japan)
Ilse Lenz

Von der antiautoritären Revolte zum bewaffneten Kampf. Ein internationaler Vergleich mit den Schwerpunkten BRD und Italien
Max Henninger

5. 1968 and the Present

May 1968 and the Alternative Globalisation Movement – Cadre Class Formation and the Transition to Socialism
Kees van der Pijl

Eine (un-)vollendete Geschichte? Die 1968er Jahre als "kulturelle Revolution" und "Modernisierungsschub"
Peter Birke

6. Summaries

7. Authors and Editors