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Memory of Dictatorship and Persecution in International Comparison

36th Linz Conference (September 12th - 16th, 2000)

Contributions to the 36th Linz Conference have been published. The book contains articles in English, French and German concerning - among others - politics of memory after the second World War in Italy, Austria and Germany, as well as in post Franco Spain, about Japanese culture of memory of the "Holy War" and several contributions to the question of memory of Latin American dictatorships.

Contents and address for orders: Contents

An extra publication on the basis oft contributions to this Linz Conference has been published with support of ITH in La Plata, Argentina:
Bruno Groppo y Patricia Flier [compiladores], "La imposibilidad del ovido. Recorridos de la memoria en Argentina, Chile y Uruguay"
(ISBN 987-9248-67-8)