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Publication of the papers of the 35th Linz Conference (1999):

Bruno Groppo, Winfried R. Garscha und Christine Schindler (Hrsg.):
The Labour Movement a Failed Project of Modernity?

Die Arbeiterbewegung - Ein gescheitertes Projekt der Moderne?
Le Mouvement Ouvrier un projet échoué de la Modernité?
ITH Conference Proceedings, vol. 34
Leipzig: Akademische Verlagsanstalt Leipzig 2000
245 pages. ISBN 3-931982-15-7

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Eric Hobsbawm
Das Jahrhundert der Arbeiterbewegung

Sheila Rowbotham
New Entry Points from US Women's Labour History

Jie-Hyun Lim
From the Labor Emancipation to the labor Mobilization

Klaus Tenfelde
Arbeiterbewegung in Westeuropa

Bruno Groppo
La trajectoire du mouvement ouvrier en Europe occidentale au XXe siècle:
realisations, échecs, mutations

Karl-Heinz Gräfe
Reformkommunismus in Osteuropa

Daniel James
Latin American Labor History: An Assessment of the State of the Field in the 1990s

John D. French
Latin American and International Working Class History on the Brink of the 21st Century: Points of Departure in Comparative Labor Studies

Wessel P. Visser
White Labour Aristocrazy and Black Proletariat. The Origins and Deployment of South Africa's racially divided Working Class