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Commission on the future of ITH

The 2005 Annual General Meeting elected a commission on the future of ITH consisting of representatives of 19 member institutes from Austria, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland and Japan. On the agenda of the commission were general questions of the development of ITH (orientation & organizational structure) as well as the elaboration of a thematic framework for a three years cycle of conferences in Linz (Austria), 2007–2009.
Since September 2005 the commission has been convoked several times. Following a plenary meeting in January 2006 in Linz, the commission submitted first proposals to the ITH members. The proposals for the future orientation of the ITH have been slightly modified and unanimously adopted by the General Assembly on September 14, 2006, as well as a triennial cycle of conferences on "Labour History beyond borders".

Members of the commission are:
Gerhard Botz, Michael Buckmiller, Josef Ehmer, Winfried Garscha, Bruno Groppo, Eva Himmelstoss, Narihiko Ito, Erwin Kaiser, Maria Mesner, Jürgen Mittag, Brigitte Pellar, Alexander Prenninger, Christine Schindler, Michael Schneider, Henryk Skrzypczak, Antoaneta Tcholakova, Klaus Tenfelde, Feliks Tych, Berthold Unfried, Marcel van der Linden.

The following topics have been discussed by the commission:

1. Strategic orientation of ITH

2. Chief contents of ITH’s orientation for the next years

Proposals for the future orientation of the organization
(adopted version, September 14, 2006)