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In the framework of ITH's annual conferences also prizes have been awarded.
Kaethe Leichter State Prize, called after an outstanding scholar, journalist and militant of the Austrian labour movement, was founded in 1991 at the suggestion of ITH's founder Herbert Steiner in order to honor merits for women's research. From 1991 to 1999 the prize was awarded during the opening ceremony of the Linz Conferences of ITH.

Since 2004 have been awarded annually the
René Kuczynski Prize for outstanding publications on the field of social and economic history, and the
Herbert Steiner Prize for the promotion of scholarly contributions not yet published within the research fields Resistance/Persecution/Exile in the time of Fascism and Nazi-rule and Labour History.

René Kuczynski Prize
Herbert Steiner Prize
Käthe Leichter Prize winners