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René Kuczynski Prize 2011 awarded to Tanja Penter
for her book:

Kohle für Stalin und Hitler. Arbeiten und Leben im Donbass 1929-1953, Essen: Klartext Verlag 2010 (= Veröffentlichungen des Instituts für soziale Bewegungen. Schriftenreihe C: Arbeitseinsatz und Zwangsarbeit im Bergbau; vol. 8), 467 pp., ISBN 978-3-8375-0019-6

The awarding ceremony took place in connection with the opening of ITH's 47th Linz Conference on 29 September 2011 at Jägermayrhof in Linz, Austria.

Lecture of the prize winner (in German)

PD Dr. Tanja Penter
Born in 1967 in Letmathe/ Iserlohn since May 2010 holds the professorship for History of Eastern Europe at the Helmut-Schmidt University Hamburg, Germany. She completed a Ph.D. thesis at the University of Cologne/ Germany on the history of the Russian Revolution (Odessa 1917. Revolution an der Peripherie, Koeln/Wien 2000) and a habilitation thesis at the University of Bochum/ Germany on working and everyday life experiences of the population in the Eastern Ukrainian Donbass region during Stalinism and German occupation in World War II (Kohle für Stalin und Hitler. Arbeiten und Leben im Donbass 1929-1953, Essen 2010). This award-winning work resulted from a research project on forced labour in coal mining industry at the Institute for Social Movements at Bochum University.
2007-2010 she was coordinator of an international research project at Bochum University (Lehrstuhl fuer Zeitgeschichte) on the history of the latest German compensation program for former forced labourers. In winter 2008/09 she held the professorship for history of Eastern Europe at Humboldt University in Berlin.
Tanja Penter is author of numerous articles on the history of Russia and Ukraine and was Lise-Meitner fellow of the ministry of science and innovation in Nordrhein-Westfalen as well as Pearl Resnick postdoctoral research fellow at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.. Her current fields of research are: History of Russia, Ukraine and the Soviet Union in 19th/20th century, comparison of dictatorships, questions of transitional justice and compensation for NS-crimes in the Soviet Union and its successor states, Soviet war crimes trials, science history in the Russian Empire.
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Prof. Gerhard Botz (Institute for Contemporary History, Vienna University)
Prof. Josef Ehmer (Institute for Economic and Social History, Vienna University)
Prof. Rüdiger Hachtmann (Berlin)
Prof. Jörg Roesler (Berlin)
Prof. Claudia Ulbrich (Friedrich Meinecke Institute, Dept. of History and Cultural Studies, FU Berlin)
Ass. Prof. Berthold Unfried (ITH & Institute for Economic and Social History, Vienna

The René Kuczynski Prize
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