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René Kuczynski Prize 2009 awarded to Marcel van der Linden
for his book:

Workers of the World: Essays toward a Global Labor History
(Studies in Global Social History vol. 1)
Leiden: Brill Publishers 2008
469 pp., ISBN 978-90-04-166837

awarding ceremony took place in in connection with the opening of ITH's 45th Linz Conference on 10 September 2009, at Jägermayrhof in Linz, Austria.

Award presentation by Berthold Unfried, representative of the jury (in German)
Lecture of the prize winner (in German)

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Marcel van der Linden
born in 1952, is Research Director at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, Professor of Social Movement History at Amsterdam University and Executive Editor of the International Review of Social History.
His research mainly deals with labour history and the history of ideas.
He edited or wrote numerous books including The End of Labour History (Cambridge 1993), Social Security Mutualism (Berne 1996), New Methods for Social History (Cambridge 1998; together with Larry Griffin) and Transnational Labour History. Explorations (Aldershot 2003). His works have appeared in English, Dutch, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese.

Prof. Gerhard Botz (Institute for Contemporary History, Vienna University)
Prof. Josef Ehmer (Institute for Economic and Social History, Vienna University)
Prof. Rüdiger Hachtmann (Berlin)
Prof. Jörg Roesler (Berlin)
Prof. Claudia Ulbrich (Friedrich Meinecke Institute, Dept. of History and Cultural Studies, FU Berlin)
Ass. Prof. Berthold Unfried (ITH & Institute for Economic and Social History, Vienna

The René Kuczynski Prize
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