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Susan Zimmermann, born 1960, is University Professor at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, and regularly teaches at Vienna University. Her current research focuses on the globalization of gendered labour standards in the interwar period and the transnational political struggles associated with this process. The study explores how the politics of major actors involved, namely the International Labour Organization ILO and internationally organized socialist and non-socialist women related to class, race and gender relations as well as global inequality.
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Marcel van der Linden, born 1952, was Research Director of the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, and holds a professorship dedicated to the history social movements at the University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on global labour history and the history of radical ideas.
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David Mayer, born 1976, is a historian specialized in transnational social history. 2014–2016 he has been acting as executive editor of International Review of Social History, published by the IISH in Amsterdam. In 2011, he completed his PhD-research on the history of Marxist historiographic debates in Latin America in the 'long 1960s'. He has spent lengthy research stays in Latin America. Between 2007 and 2011 worked as a research assistant at the Department of Social and Economic History, University of Vienna. His main research interests are labour history, the history of social movements, the history of historiography, the history of Marxism and left-wing intellectuals, and politics of history.

General Secretary
Lukas Neissl, born 1984, studied translation and interpretation at the University of Vienna. In the ITH he is responsible for organization, communication, press work, website and all tasks in the management of the association, in cooperation with the president and the vice-presidents.
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Korbinian Schleicher, born 1982, graduated in Development Studies at Vienna University. His tasks in the ITH are financial management and accountancy. Furthermore, he directs the conference secretariat during the ITH Conferences.